Greenbrier Christian Retreat

Our Story

  Greenbrier Christian Retreat began as a dream for Founding members 

Don Huber and Jonathan Comer, in 2005. 

Through continuous prayer, bountiful donations, faith and hard work, they were able to inspire passion in many, to realize what we now know as Greenbrier Christian Retreat. 

Construction began in 2014 and by the summer of 2016 we were blessed to open our doors to our inaugural youth summer camp. We quickly realized that our outreach was small and began opening up to other Christian organizations. As of today, we offer retreats, camp, and special event space to all of faith and those who seek to become followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

We hope that our facility will provide you with the luxury of peace to 

spend time with the Lord!

Founders & Board Members

Don & Susan Huber

Don and Susan Huber are our founding visionaries. Don is a builder, real estate developer and outdoorsman. His wife Susan is our secretary and treasurer, essential to the stability of our organization. With their interests and expertise, they were able to bring to life the Lord’s calling in the realization of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. 

They have utilized the blessings that the Lord has given them to endow our organization and build what they feel will be life changing for many and bring people closer to the Lord in an environment that is rejuvenating and inspiring. 

The Hubers, parents of four adult children, and grandparents of two, share their time between White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and Windermere, Florida.  

Board of Directors


Jonathan Comer

Jonathan Comer is a third generation pastor, founding member of Greenbrier Christian Retreat and Senior Pastor of Lewisburg Baptist Church. As a graduate of Crown College, he has dedicated his life to serving the Lord through ministry. Pastor Comer delivers the Gospel from a Biblical perspective, teaching and preaching the Lord’s Word as it is written. His passion for doing the Lord’s work is a motivation for many and inspiration to the members of our board. Pastor Comer lives in Lewisburg, West Virginia with his wife, Bethany, and three young daughters. 


Josh Duncan

Josh Duncan is a founding member of Greenbrier Christian Retreat, a businessman, investor and President of Secure Store, LLC, a self-storage conglomerate. Active in multiple partnerships, Josh decided to partner with the Lord and utilize his business sensibility to build and further the structure and growth of Greenbrier Cristian Retreat. Josh holds a BSBA in Business Management from Glenville State College and currently serves as Head Deacon in his church. Josh lives in Lewisburg, West Virginia with his wife Christy and three children.


KathrYne gillespie

Kathryne Gillespie, retired from hospital administration, is an Executive Assistant at Lewisburg Baptist Academy. She was honored and excited to be asked to accept the board member position with Greenbrier Cristian Retreat as she believes, “This is a great work for God” and is, “Thankful to be a part of some who have compassion and are making a difference!” Kathryne is a mother of two daughters and grandmother of two granddaughters living in Lewisburg, West Virginia. 


blaine comer

Blaine Comer is the Administrator at Lewisburg Baptist Academy and Music Director of Lewisburg Baptist Church, where he artfully utilizes both his Bachelor's Degree from Southeastern College as well as his Master's Degree in Education from West Coast Baptist College. His charisma and creativity are vital to the growth of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. Blaine believes that camp allows us to “take time away from home and the busy noise of life to get closer to the Lord and allow Him to speak to us.” It is this philosophy and belief that, “summer camp changed the direction and course of my life,” through which he brings a deep understanding of what can be achieved with our facility. Blaine lives in Lewisburg, West Virginia with his wife Jessica and their two young children. 


Stacy huber

Stacy Huber, the youngest daughter of founding members Don and Susan Huber, is an entrepreneur, active in the family business with a focus on interior design. Stacy has a degree in psychology and is an alumnus of Auburn University and Rollins College. Her faith in God and passion for the positive development of youth led her to accept her board position hoping to utilize her strong leadership skills to continue doing God’s work through the mission of Greenbrier Christian Retreat. Stacy lives in Windermere, Florida with her beloved Frenchie, Gigi. 

executive camp director


Evangelist mike clark

After being saved at the age of 16 in a high school chapel service, Brother Mike attended teen camp where he surrendered to preach the Gospel. He attended Landmark Christian School in Richmond, Virginia and Atlantic Baptist Bible College in Chester, Virginia. Mike met his wife, Kellie, in college, who now together have three children. After serving as Youth Pastor for over 13 years, God called Brother Mike into Full Time Evangelism. In 2015, he surrendered to Evangelism to reach people across the world. As an Assistant to the Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Deacon, we are blessed to have Brother Mike as our Executive Camp Director. Brother Mike continues in evangelism, preaching in Church Revivals and Special services while directing the camp ministry at GCR. He and his family attend Lewisburg Baptist Church in Lewisburg WV.

Special Thanks

Jim Woods was called home by the Lord in 2019. We at Greenbrier Christian Retreat will be forever grateful for his contributions to our organization as a board member, donor and friend. 

Chris and Angela VanNatter, with their children Caleb and Cadee were instrumental in our foundation. From the construction of our facilities to ministering, the Van Natter family gave us 3 years of their lives to the building and success of Greenbrier Christian Retreat where they will forever have a home. 

Scott Pauley served as a Board Member of GCR, broadening the vision of our mission. As a passionate evangelist and former Vice President of Crown College, Pastor Pauley led us to see the true potential of our organization. He continues to visit us and contribute ideas that foster our growth and mission reach.

To all of Greenbrier Christian Retreat’s financial contributors, volunteers and prayer warriors, The Lord has blessed us with you and may He bless you in return. 

Many thanks to you all for the work that you have done!


At GCR we understand that foundation is the key to building anything of merit. We would like to give thanks and praise first to the Lord for His blessings and then to the people who have done the work to make us who we are